Old Country (was Out of Town) with Jack Hargreaves DVDs


The Background:

There were three series of “Old Country” produced by Lacewing Productions (the first two series) and The Production Unit (the last series) and they were only ever shown on Channel 4. Channel 4 had the rights to show the three series twice but I am not sure they ever did.

None of this material has been used for anything else and a bit like “The Lost Episodes” the master tapes I sent to Channel 4 got lost until they turned up at the BFI.

I about a year ago talked firstly to Channel 4 about these and they agreed that they probably should have been returned to me as the producer of the programmes but had instead been lodged at the BFI.

I then spoke to the BFI who also agreed that the tapes probably should have been returned to me but explained that once they were with them there was no way to get them released. However they did offer to transfer the 1″C format tapes if I paid the transfer costs which you can imagine was reasonably high.

Having told them to proceed I’ve now the full set of the programmes as high quality avi files from which the DVD’s will be made. These will only be available from me and I do not intend putting them out for general sale in places such as garden centers and book shops.

There will be 3 DVD’s one for each series and the first will be available in good time for Christmas 2015.

To order please choose “Jack’s Country Shop” in the menu on the left.

They have been a long time arriving

Hi All,


At long last I have now the transfers of all three Old Country Series from the BFI. The first series will be available in good time for Christmas so if you want to pr-order please go to Jacks Country Shop.


Two new photos

I have added two new photos of Jack that were taken as publicity photos by us for Old Country.

Podcasts soon

I am working on this site to host the podcasts on Jack at the moment. As soon as I have everything sorted (the feeds etc.) I will post the first podcast here and on iTunes so it can be downloaded to your ipad/iphone if you have one.

Welcome to Jack’s Country.

This was one of Jacks favourite pictures. Shot for “Old Country” on Channel 4 it is him with his pony Ghost.

Hi Everyone,

As many of you may know if you have looked around this site I made all three series of Old Country for Channel 4 and I am later this year releasing all three series on DVD’s. The DVD’s will be from the original programme videos that were broadcast on Channel 4 so the quality will be very good (not like the many bad VHS copies on the internet).

Because the investment in doing this is considerable what I am using the funding for is to cover the costs of making the DVD’s from the original 1″ Video Masters.

If you decide that would like to participate there will be a fundraising page appearing on this site in a few weeks time.  For your help in funding this project you will receive either single series or all three depending on the amount you give.

Your help in funding this project will mean that for the first time since the series was shown on Channel 4 once again you will be able to view this unique 60 programmes.

Thanking you