Out of Town – Jack Hargreaves : Volume One [DVD]

Out of Town – Jack Hargreaves : Volume One [DVD] Product Description
Hugely popular and fondly remembered to this day, Out of Town saw Jack Hargreaves exploring rural life in Britain reflecting on its character, traditions, history and folklore, and the skills that had passed from generation to generation.

With his extensive experience, knowledge and love of the countryside, Hargreaves' easygoing presentation style enthralled both rural and urban viewers the series becoming so popular it ultimately ran for over two decades. An unsentimental record of a bygone time, it set the bar high for all country matters series that were to follow in its footsteps.

This volume contains the 35 editions that remain from 1980/1981 including the unbroadcast 21st anniversary special and an episode never previously released on DVD.

. Two episodes of Southern Gold
. A Tribute to Jack Hargreaves
. Go! Learning to Fish
. Summer in Kite's Country


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Not so long ago when Out of Town graced British Television I was entranced by the opening titles showing an old man with slow horse cart. It felt like another time and place and yet it was not so far away. But once I saw him talking in his shed my school mind automatically thought it boring and impatiently turned over to another channel. Today I know what I have missed. Out of Town is completely fascinating. Fascinating in a way that you are walking with grandfather we all wished to have. With smoking pipe, beard, hat and wax jacket he took you places. You are with him and he with you. Every moment is a moment of comfort and joy. The grandad narration and production is never overproduced and is what makes you feel Jack's good company. This new Out of Town Volume One by Network is not like the older dvd sets. Granted, there are some materials that have been seen before but even they have more footage and a different narration. Largely it is all new and with 5 disc is one massive birthday bargain. I believe we all should spend some well being time with Jack walking in places of story and open spaces to get away from all the noise we live in today and clearly with Jack, this is a promise.
Disc 4. sample. 1. Cattle dog/clocks. 2. Old railway line/ Cloudburst at the Agricultural Show. 3. Pigeons/Fishing for next to nothing. 4. Fishing for minnows/Kingfishers/Corn flail. 5. Summer fishing/Village Fair. 6. Fishing hooks/Gardening - Earthworm farm. 7. Southern fishing Competition in Ireland/Rabbit catching. 8. Observing the country/Working dog show.